How do I change the site's style? offers efficient yet in-depth control of the design of your site. The design features that can be changed are detailed here:

  • Skins: A skin is a complete design package for your site. Select a different skin to activate a completely different set of design changes in your site.
  • Navigation: Navigation refers to the icon layout of your Home page and the behaviour of these icons.
  • Background: Change the background (color/image) of the homescreen. The colors will be automagically adjusted according to the colors of the new background.
  • Header: Change the way the top part of the homescreen looks. Use the site name, logo or none of these to create the best looking site.
  • Colors: Select a color palette for your site that matches your background.
  • Font: The Header font is used for your site title on the homescreen, the Menu font is used for the items on the homescreen and the Body font is used for the rest of the texts.
  • Shape: Change the shape of design flourishes used in your site.
  • Animation: Change the way animations will be used in your site and what kind of animations you prefer.

To make design changes to your site, follow these instructions.

  1. Run through the first steps of creating your site. Add extra content before making design changes to make sure any changes to design are final.
  2. Once you've created the site and added content, find the Style tab in the left vertical menu.
  3. Decide which aspects of your design you'd like to change. (Refer to the list above to see which aspects you might like to change.)
  4. Making design changes is easy. Play around with the different options in each category to create your ideal site.