How do I set up a shop in my site?

Setting up a Store with requires three basic steps.

  1. Adding the Store to your site and filling it with products
  2. Selecting a payment provider
  3. Providing required contact and order processing details

Add a Store to your site

  1. Click on Store in the top horizontal menu
  2. Click on Add Store in the next screen
  3. You’re product list will be automatically filled with demo data. You can use the demo data to test the Shop or delete them by clicking on Delete demo data and add your own products.
  4. In the left vertical menu you will see the following Store options.


Gives an overview of all your Store settings.


Provides an overview of all the orders that your customers have placed in your online store. Here you are able to view orders and mark orders: Waiting for shipping, Shipped or Cancelled.

Once for example you change the status to Shipped, you are able to add a message for the customer. Here you are free to add, for example, the tracking code from your local delivery company.


This area will show the list of products you’ve made available in your Store. You can add more products by clicking on the blue Add button. To edit a product’s details, click on the product in the products list. A pop-up will allow you change that specific product’s details like:

  • Price
  • Images
  • Additional product options like sizes and/or colors
  • Number of items in stock


This options allows you to set up discounts for your customers. You can choose between three different types of discounts; A set value discount, a percentage discount, or an offer for free shipping. Discounts can also be limited to specific categories of products.

Payment providers

You can set up your preferred payment provider using the Edit button next to its name. You will need a key or registered email address to activate the preferred payment provider. Please make sure to check out the fees and charges that each payment provider bills you as the merchant. These are not the same for all providers.


The Settings option has five tabs.

  • General: Fill in all the details required for your invoice. Make sure to fill in the start of your order numbers and the prefix. The prefix will be used in front of the order number.
  • Shipping: Fill in your shipping costs for the orders. It’s also possible to add an extra shipping cost for additional items.
  • Notifications: In this section you can control the details about notifications sent to you and your customers. First, make sure you add an email address for all the internal notifications for the shop and customer support issues. We recommend that you check all the notifications that will be sent once a customer makes an order on your site by clicking on the Preview buttons. There are separate templates for when you cancel and / or ship an order. As a shop owner you get email notifications once a customer places an order. You will also be notified once a product is out of stock.
  • Taxes: Make sure the right taxes rates are applied on the products in your shop.
  • Legal: In this section you can enable and add all the legal information for your shop.
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • Refund / Cancellation policy
    • Shipping & Payment info
    • About Us

Store block settings in the editor

The Store block settings in the site editor screen allow you to choose different styles that can be used to display the products within your site. You can also to choose a specific category of products. So, for example, it’s possible to only show the products from the category: shirts.

It’s possible to add more than one Store block to the app. You can add a new Store block by clicking on +Add more content and set this to show products from category: pants. Your customers can now see all the shirts and pants in a separate menu item. The blue Store button navigates to the Settings of your Store.

Placing a test order

Within you, as an owner of the shop, can test your shop by placing test orders to check out how the ordering experience your customers will be subjected to yourself.